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Обучение Clea Gaultier / Educating Clea [2018 г. в., HD]

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Полнометражный порно фильм Обучение Clea Gaultier / Educating Clea [2018 г. в., HD], смотреть на порно-кино сайте.
The lovely young Cl?a has always wanted to help her neighbor. Her work in the office of Professor Vicomte, famous sexologist, allows her to satisfy this desire by helping couples in distress in their therapy. But she does not forget her private life. Living a secret romance with the sexologist, Cl?a learns by his side to free herself from the most sensual ways of her moral codes. But one day, she will discover his most secret perversion ... He likes to enjoy the pleasure of his patients. Plunged in doubt, she will fear not to satisfy him and embark on new experiences of the most torrid to understand his expectations. She will begin her quest in the arms of his ex-wife without knowing that the latter is watching, master of this perverse game. Later, witnessing her deviousness to her office, she will agree to submit to his initiation to new pleasures by leading one of his patients to orgasm before his own eyes. Discovering that she loves to offer to others in front of him, their respective fantasies will finally start to meet. A most exciting work session featuring her colleague and her husband will eventually open the doors of lust. Between the discovery of anal sex or even Sapphic pleasure, Clea will reveal her true nature and accept his own perversions for the greatest enjoyment of the man she loves. By organizing an appointment where she will be taken without limits by two men at the same time under the lecherous eye of her lover, she will seal their future in the most delicious way by finally understanding that the free expression of their vices will never be a brake on their love.
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