» » Сладкая как сахар / Sweet As Sugar [2018 г., WEBRip]
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Сладкая как сахар / Sweet As Sugar [2018 г., WEBRip]

Whitney Wright works so hard, but can never seem to get ahead. After struggling through another exhausting double shift, she’s desperate to find a way to change her life. When unbelievably sexy Elsa Jean and Luna Star stop into the boutique flaunting cash, Whitney just has to find out how they earn a living. The girls laugh and let Whitney in on their secret, they’re Sugar Babies. Elsa and Luna take Whitney under their wing and introduce her to the fast-paced life of sugaring. The only question is; can she keep up?
Актрисы: Elsa Jean, Luna Star, Whitney Wright, Michael Vegas, Isiah Maxwell, Tommy Gunn
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